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8-Ball and 9-Ball Pool
Billiards Lessons Wilmington NC

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Offering 8-ball and 9-ball instruction for the New Hanover, Brunswick and Pender County areas.
Instructors available for all levels!

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Call anytime for more information:

Phone: 910-622-0391

Hello, My name is Tom Sapp. I am captain of an APA pool team here in Wilmington Called "The Cross Eyed Cues". Playing pool has become something I do on a daily basis. My love for the game is so strong I swaped out my kitchen table for an 8 foot pool table to practice on when I'm not competing. As a result of my time playing league with The American Pool Association and tournaments I have developed relationships with some of the best pool players in Eastern North Carolina. These wonderful people have shared trips and tricks that have made the 8-ball and 9-ball billiard sport a true joy in my life. Learning on your own can take years to develop even the smallest increase in ability. To help promote a higher level of understanding in the billiards community here in Wilmington NC I have formed a team of exceptional players to provide instruction on the machanics of pool playing. Once you have learned the proper machanics of this sport your ability will escalate exponentially every time you practice. Within this group of instructors there is a player who can help you! Let the Wilmington NC Billiard Instructors bring your potential to the table.

Demonstration Videos

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The Basic Machanics of cue sports:
- Stance
- Stroke
- Bridge
- Identifying your objective ball
- Materials and tools of the sport
- Developing a multiple shot/run stratigy
- Understanding English
- The diamond system
- Playing defense
- Masse
- Sportsmanship and pool hall ethics

Instructional Details And Fees:
All levels of instruction will repeat the list above.
Your playing ability will determin the intensity of the instruction.
Beginner lessons start at $40 per hour
Serious amature instruction is $60 per hour
Advanced amature is $75 per hour
Professional level instruction is available starting at $125 per hour however
pricing veries depending on the season and availability of the players.

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Straight Shot
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Frozen on the rail
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Spape and Scuff tool for cue tips
9-ball wilmington nc
Nine-ball rack/9-ball rack
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Using English

Advanced Billiards Technique Video Demonstrations

The Game:



Trick Shots, Masse, Short Masse and Full Table Masse by Tom Sapp


2 short masse shots back to back by Tom Sapp

Using draw, pool english, billiards techniques by Tom Sapp

Multiple balls at once in slow motion using draw English by Tom Sapp

Jump Shot by Chuck Baker

Carom Shot by Chuck Baker


Kick Jump by Tom Sapp




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